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Safe and Reliable Transport

Ironside Vehicle Society has provided a transport service for 46 years in North Taranaki. Funding has enabled the organisation to make some vehicle upgrades.
“We provide a transport service for people who are disabled, infirm or aged, taking around 23,000 passengers a year,” Evan Cottam, Secretary/Treasurer of Ironside Vehicle Society, said.

“One of the many groups we transport is Alzheimers Taranaki, whose members meet weekly for various activities. We pick them up and drop them back again. We also have a contract with the hospital to transport patients, as well as transporting many individuals.”

“We are now in a position to replace two of the vehicles. They get a lot of mileage and, of course, the hoists have been used just about every time someone gets in and out," Evan said.
A capital grant from the Toi Foundation enabled the organisation to purchase one of the new vehicles.
“The vehicles cost $50k each. For the fitout, we need lifts and the flooring bolted in to make them secure. That’s about another $30k each, so it is quite a substantial outlay.”

“We have eight drivers who are employed by the organisation. We also have four volunteer drivers, so there’s a lot of support from the community in that regard. The Taranaki Regional Council subsidise the fares.”
“With the support of Toi Foundation, we have got access to the new vehicles. Without the grant, we couldn't contemplate upgrading them. It means we can continue to supply a good safe service to our passengers,” Evan said.

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