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Support for Taranaki School Principals

Springboard Trust is a charitable organisation supporting New Zealand school principals in their growth and development. The organisation is providing its programme in Taranaki for the first time, bringing together school leaders and business leaders to support clear planning for schools. 
Dale Bailey, Chief Executive of Springboard Trust, said it is a collaborative process. Each principal is matched with a manager from the corporate sector. “The principals learn about strategic planning and make a new vision and three-year plan for their own school. The business leaders and managers act as a critical friend and trusted mentor in that process.”
“Over time, principals develop an environment that allows students to thrive. While a long-term process, it is one where we see near-immediate impacts on the ground in New Zealand schools.”
“We have wanted to create an opportunity in Taranaki for some time now, but we didn’t have the funding and outreach. Each time we have brought the programme to a new regional setting, it has been highly valued,” Dale said.

A grant from Toi Foundation means the programme will be offered at no cost for twelve school leaders. Mentors will be drawn from the local business community.
“It creates networks of people who want to improve and develop their schools. The educators get someone independent to help them develop a plan, consult with teachers, communities and children, and go through a really rigorous learning process and reflection.”
“Because it is focused on enhancing the provision for young people, there will be thousands of children who benefit from it,” Dale said.

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