Our Stories: Issue 68

Tūtaki Youth is a not-for-profit organisation based in Stratford. The organisation offers a range of services to support youth wellbeing.

Nelson Pulotu, General Manager, said demand for social work services had gone up over the last year. “There has been an increase in referrals to Tūtaki from schools, other service providers, governmentagencies and whānau."

 “Our rangatahi (youth aged 14yrs – 24yrs) present different issues. It was important to provide a Hauora Taiohi Social Worker who specialised with this specific age group to address their needs," Nelson said.

TSB Community Trust provided a grant of $60k to support the organisation.

"Sustainable funding is needed to ensure a Social Worker role remains available for the young people astheir issues are not always remedied overnight," Nelson said. 

“Our Social Worker was working with a young person who had not yet received their NCEA level 1 or 2 and was frequently missing school. The social worker advocated for the young person, who was able to leave school with qualifications, secure full time employment and contribute positively to society.”

“After receiving our support, the young people can effectively manage their emotions which can result inless harmful behaviours and actions. Young people often leave our service with a sense of confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.”

“TSB Community Trust has been a valuable supporter of Tūtaki from its inception. The values of both organisations align well by empowering and giving children and young people the best start to life,” Nelson said.

Tūtaki Youth has worked with over 790 young people over the past seven yearswith a record 133 clients this past nancial year.