Vertical Horizon Adventure Centre is set on 30 acres of park-like surroundings near Inglewood. The organisation aims to offer a unique and diverse camp with extensive activities that provide challenges and learning opportunities, and encourage people to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.
“We took over Everett Road Christian Camp twenty years ago. We have taken it from being closed down to where it is today. We had a vision to establish it for the future youth of Taranaki,” Paul Hitchcock, Camp Director, said.
“We moved Tariki Hall onto the property to extend the existing dining room. This building gave us two separate dining halls from one kitchen, which allowed us to host two smaller schools, or multiple groups at the same time. Owing to the financial impact from Covid-19, we applied for a grant to complete the project, including a new walk-in freezer for food storage, and finishing the vinyl in the kitchen to make it continuous.”
“One of our challenges was having three different freezers. It was difficult keeping control of the stock and there was the added cost of running three freezers. We also needed to finish the fire safety system, now the hall is in place,” Paul said.


A grant of $30k from Toi Foundation enabled the organisation to install a new walk-in freezer and complete the project.
“For our kitchen staff, it has improved the hygiene standards and the handling of frozen products and cost savings. These upgrades helped maintain compliance and best practice in the kitchen and dining areas,” Paul said.
“We have developed the camp into a well known adventure centre in Taranaki and beyond. We have over 5,000 clients per year hosting school camps, weddings, leadership camps and programmes for at-risk children. We wouldn’t have achieved this without the support of the Toi Foundation.”